involuntary peeing while sleeping/resting

Olive is 5 years old. She's had a problem for probably 2 years now with peeing in her sleep. But, the problem is random. Sometimes she can go months without peeing in her sleep. Then all the sudden, everytime she gets up, her side is all wet and there is a spot where she was laying. Note that she is housebroken and rarely pees inside on purpose.
I've taken her to the vet many times. She did have to have surgery a few months ago for bladder stones, but this peeing issue happened before and after that surgery. The vet(s) think it may have to do with her eating too much protein and I admit that when she does get a hold of chicken or other table scraps, she seems to pee in her sleep. I don't know what to do to help her. This is a very unusual situation as she is A.) housebroken and B.) randomly has this issue.
Any advice is appreciated.

I would avoid the table scraps and see if the problem goes away.

I have never heard of protein being the cause of involuntary urination.
When urine leaks out while the animal sleeps there can be several causes. Urinary tract infections or inflammation can affect the sphincter that holds urine in the bladder in which case antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications are needed. In some cases the sphincter may relax in a spayed female dog. For some dogs either hormonal replacement or medications to increase sphincter tone may be helpful. Whether it is an infection or a hormonally mediated relaxation of the sphincter, a qualified vet can be of help.

We have that problem with our girl skeeter. She will be out like a light and her belly will be all warm. She gets so upset and anxious when it happens. We got her when she was three and she must have been abused, we know she was neglected. We did the PPA, which is to strengthen her muscles. She has gotten better, but when the routine in the house is off, she regresses. When we lost our other dog Jackson, that is when it started. Then my husband's grandma died, and she felt the stress. Does your baby drink a lot of water? Does she drink water right before you go to bed? Does it happen after there is a change in the house? We try not to give her moist treats with more salt after 5 pm. We just keep a lot of blankets on hand. Good luck

Brian - What your little girl is doing is more common for an older, spayed female. My 8-year-old female started doing this and was put on estrogen, which stopped it from happening. The vet said that even at 8 years old, she was surprisingly young for this problem --- so - this may not be your dog's problem.
But - I know what you mean. My poor little girl was just beside herself when she woke up in a wet spot. She was so good all her life about not peeing in the house, and then this. I felt very sorry for her, because she felt bad about it happening and didn't know what caused it and couldn't control it.
Good luck - I hope you can solve your little girl's problem.
Carol Jean

This may sound crazy, but it could be her food. I'd totally avoid table scraps and try slowly switching to a different brand of food. My cousin had a younger Yorkie that couldn't control her bladder (and her hair fell out almost completely). It ended up being the was TOO much for her...I think it was too high in protien. They switched to a different brand but excellent quality and all the hair grew back and no bladder problems whatsoever. Good luck and please post when you find something that works for her.

poor baby.

I wouldn't feed her any table scraps and see if that helps.

OK I hesitated posting because Katy was doing this too and I did not know what to do. She was very remorseful of the situation and it always seemed to upset her when it happened.
We went to the vet today for something else and I mentioned this. She told me that they see this some times in dogs after they are spayed. it has to do with hormones. She prescribed Proin 50 1/8 of a tablet. Just like Lacy's mom said.
We will follow up with it on her yearly check up in November and see how she is doing.