what is wrong with my poor baby (aka yorkie) :-(

I sort of went MIA from Here for a while but am back because I am a little more than panicking right now.
I have an eight year old yorkie who is like my child. I've had him since he was six months and am so attached to him it's not even funny.
Anyway, some background...back in, I believe it was October, my Yorkie had jumped off a couch and not sure what happened but he ended up with a torn ACL. Had surgery and all that fun stuff. He then developed terrible arthritis.
He was doing fine, he stood kind of funny because I think his bad leg would bother him and when he sat down he would stick one of his back legs out.
But he never seemed to be in pain.
He then began to stop using stairs. He would stand there and stare at you like "I have to walk up all of THOSE?!" and we would pick him up. he stopped jumping off couches and beds and we figured his leg was bothering him.
About a month ago though he began to act VERY funny. He is always shaking. All the time. And every once in a while they shaking he does come in twitches. He walks hunched up and very VERY slow/delicately. We've had to put his bowl up on books because he won't bend down to eat his food.
It terrified me and my parents and we took him to the vet. Originally they said it was his back and put him on predizone and some kind of valium like medication. He was fine for a while. And then he started again. And he was shaking horribly...and walked hunched up again. Took him back to the vet and he did something to his neck and his ears went back and he started acting funny. They were able to say it was a pinched nerve and gave him more medication.
Again...did fine. And then he was acting funny again. Back to the vet. They did something to his back two legs and found that his knees were collapsing/slipping out/going out of place. They put him on more medication and told us about a surgery to consider.
So in the last month my poor baby has had three different diagnoses, on an assortment of medication...and I don't know what to believe or if all three are wrong with him. And I am VERY uncomfortable with the whole assortment of meds he is on...however he is not in pain when he takes them all!
My question is...have any of you ever had your Yorkie in this condition? Walking hunched over and very slowly. Not even able to lean down and eat? Yelping whenever you pick him up and shaking uncontrollably? If so...what did you find out to be wrong with it? What would you do in my situation if your dog was in this shape? Putting him down is NOT an option right now! Has anyone had a yorkie with back problems, a pinched nerve, knee problems or even a dog that tore his ACL or has arthritis that is showing the same symptoms my baby is currently showing? I don't know if I should switch vets? He has been wonderful in the eight years I've had my baby and this is the first time I've had problems like this!
I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate seeing my poor doggie like this! I've cried when I see him this way and it just tears my heart apart :( I just want to find out what's wrong and take care of it but I don't even know where to start!

hi, i am so sorry to hear all of this! my only advice is to consult another vet, fast. your baby doesnt sound like he is doing to well. but i wish you the best and you and your yorkie and your family are in my prayers. keep us updated

Wow, that is scary,and quite horrible to have to watch I'm sure, it does sound like a nerve thing, I hope you find out what is wrong. I'm sorry.

If you can find an Orthopaedic Vet anywhere I would get your baby to him quick. I don't know what is wrong with your little guy but it sounds serious and it sounds like it has something to do with his back or rear end. Best of luck with this...we will all be thinking of you. Hope he is better soon!

I had a male Yorkie Zorro who acted similar to that and he was diagnosed by a speciaist as having a herniated disc. They gave him some medicine (it was 20 some years ago) so I don't remember what and he was fine after awhile although he was older and pretty quiet anyway. I hope you find out soon what's wrong with him.

I have no idea, but just wanted to say that I hope he is doing okay! Maybe you should look into an ortho vet. Sending prayers your way-Tara

My Bichon tore his left anterior cruciate ligament - had surgery, etc., and then about two months later tore the other one. I elected not to have surgery for the second one and just let it heal (which is often done with dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds). Anyway - he is only four years old and definitely walks somewhat awkwardly or stiffly - but other than this has had none of the problems that your dog is having.
I think your dog's problem is neurologic - either his neck or his back. And, unfortunately -- since I have worked for years in radiology, orthopedics, and neurology, I can tell you that these are among the most difficult problems to diagnose - and sometimes can never be diagnosed for certain.
I had another little dog who hurt her back. I am sure that during a storm, a branch fell on her from a tree. She came home that day with a limp and limped for nearly a week. Her limp finally went away, and then she began to exhibit back problems. She couldn't lie down for more than a minute or two without getting up, moving across the room, turning around, lying down again, getting up again, etc. etc. Eventually, I was up with her night after night carrying her and holding her trying to keep her comfortable, which I couldn't do. She was on steroids for a while and they helped her, but her liver enzymes became elevated and she had to be taken off the steroids. Then we were back to my staying up with her night and day. Of course, she was x-rayed, but the x-rays were negative and showed nothing wrong. Then we were looking at CT scans and MRIs and possibly surgery - that would have cost $6000 or $7000 dollars. And, even with these tests, we may still not have found her problem or any surgery that might have helped her. She was diabetic, but doing fine, and I had just paid almost $2500 for another problem - I was trying to work with no sleep and I was really worn out. I had to work and I couldn't leave her alone any more. This was really a hard time for Dutchess and me.
I kept taking her back to the vet, and finally the vet said, "Carol, we may never find out what's wrong." I already knew this.
Finally the two nights came when she and I were up two days and two nights straight during which I held her and carried her most of the time. I was so tired and heartbroken and I couldn't stand to have her suffer anymore. She was even trying to sleep leaning against the wall because she couldn't lie down. I called my sister and she drove me to the vet and I had Dutchess put to sleep. It broke my heart.
I have two of the very best vets in the world, but they and I knew we were dealing with an especially difficult problem.... and pain pills and steroids do help a lot, but they don't cure the problem - and she couldn't take anymore steriods anyway.
I'm rambling. But, I think you should stick with your vet. You said that you like him. It wouldn't have surprised me with Dutchess if three different vets wouldn't have had three different opinions about her problem because there are so many things that can cause these sorts of problems -injuries, tumors, pinched nerves, and on and on and on. As a matter of fact, everytime my vets thought it might be one thing, something would happen, and then they'd have to start looking for something else.
My heart goes out to you. I really don't know what to tell you to do, but I certainly do know how you feel. It does break our heart when our little dogs are so uncomfortable and we can't find out what's wrong. I do know that if Dutchess could have tolerated her medications and steroids, I would have kept her on them for as long as possible....for as long as she could have stayed comfortable.
I sure hope they can find out what's wrong with your little dog and can take care of it. I'm afraid I'm not making you feel any better - but remember your dog's problem is certainly not the exact problem that my dog had. And, remember also that I know exactly what you are going through and am hoping for the very best for you and your little guy.
Please keep in touch - we all need to know how things turn out for you.
Carol Jean

OMGosh that was sad to hear....ALL THE BEST TO YOU....I hope someone here can help you more.....but I just wanted to tell you my heart goes out to you and your baby.... :(

This is a first time for me to join the forum. I have 3 Yorkies, but my baby (2 1/2years, 2 1/2 lbs) is going thru the same thing. He was injured by a larger dog. It seems like a whiplash injury. There are times he seems to be doing better, moving better, getting some of his sassy personality back, but then we have a bad night. He cried most of last night, and it is heartbreaking. He is taking pain med, and it does seem to help. But I really don't know what else to do. I would love some advice. Kaleb's mom.

Please take your baby to an orthopedic surgeon and get the right diagnosis.