Intranasal Bordetella vaccine reaction??

I took my three year old yorkie in for a vet visit 6 days ago to bring her vaccinations up to date as the previous owner did not complete them according to vet records. I also wanted the vet to check her general health. They gave her Intranasal Bordetella (in the nose) and for the last couple days she has a little dry cough from time to time. Is this most likely a reaction to the vaccine? Anything to worry about?

The intranasal bordetella is a live vaccine and many pups will actually contract kennel cough from it. I would definitely take your baby in asap to be checked as it can progress to pneumonia and can be really difficult to get rid of.
My Sissy contracted kennel cough from her Intranasal vaccine. The good news is she did not react to the actual vaccine injection!!!!

We had a similar situation and now I have requested only the injection. :(